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Mudgee - By-election (Roll: 4,982)
Nominations: Saturday, 3 March 1883, Polling: Tuesday, 6 March 1883
Candidate Votes Votes %
McElhone, John (Defeated) 645 33.35
Taylor, Adolphus George (Re-elected) 1,289 66.65
Formal Votes 1,934
Informal Votes 0 0.00
Total Votes / Turnout 1,934 38.82
Cause Category: Resignation - Other
Notes: Apparently drunk in the Assembly, Taylor became involved in a heated exchange with John McElhone, the pair challenging each other to resign and contest a by-election. Both contested Mudgee, Taylor winning, but McElhone was also re-elected after being nominated for the by-election in his own seat of Upper Hunter the same day. Taylor made a memorable speech at Gulgong during the campaign, reported SMH 5 March 1883, p.6 col.4, in which he claimed to have a list of 35 MPs who had been drunk in the chamber in the previous six weeks, and also claimed that it was a regular event for members to be half-drunk by tea time. These remarks were to provoke furious debate when Taylor returned to Parliament and brought comment from the SMH 6 March 1883, p.7 col.1.
Source: SMH 8 March 1883, p.8 col.3