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Grenfell - 1882 (Roll: 1,550)
Nominations: Saturday, 2 December 1882, Polling: Friday, 8 December 1882
Candidate Votes Votes %
Vaughn, Robert Matteson (Re-elected) 404 58.13
Whelan, E B 291 41.87
Formal Votes 695
Informal Votes 15 2.11
Total Votes / Turnout 710 45.81
Persons Voting / Turnout 706 45.55
Notes: After his re-election, the Elections and Qualifications Committee examined Vaughn's qualification to continue as an MP. Vaughn had tendered for a contract concerning the Bondi sewer. His tender was accepted but he did not undertake the work and tenders were re-let. The Committee found he had entered into an agreement with the Government on account of the public service which was therefore liable to see his seat declared void. However, the Legislative Assembly voted 45 to 8 against declaring Vaughn's seat vacant. (Twomey , The Constitution of NSW, p.411 with references to Parliamentary debates)
Source: Grenfell Record, 16 December 1882, p.2 col.2 including booth results. SMH report 9 December 1882, p.9 col.1 was clearly incomplete, with second report 14 December 1882, p.5 col.1 merely reporting a majority of 113 votes. Grenfell Record totals come close to the reported total votes figure in the Statistical Register. E B Whelan was referred to as a solicitor from Forbes.