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The Hastings - By-election (Roll: 2,934)
Nominations: Monday, 13 June 1870, Polling: Monday, 4 July 1870
Candidate Votes Votes %
Dean, Horace (Re-elected) 953 68.36
Smith, Robert Burdett 441 31.64
Formal Votes 1,394
Informal Votes 0 0.00
Total Votes / Turnout 1,394 47.51
Cause Category: Qualifications Committee
Notes: This by-election came about when the Elections and Qualifications Committee nullified Dean's victory from 1869-70 because he held an Office for Profit under the Crown. (LAVP 1870, Vol 1, p.457) Dean's victory at the by-election was also nullified, see details with next by-election record.
Source: Report of nominations SMH 23 June, p.2 col.5-6, with a further report from a different correspondent 28 June, p.3 col.4. Result published SMH 9 July, p.5 col.1 reported as 'state of the poll' including booth details.