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The Hastings - 1869-70 (Roll: 2,642)
Nominations: Friday, 10 December 1869, Polling: Thursday, 23 December 1869
Candidate Votes Votes %
Dean, Horace (Elected) 474 32.01
Eagar, Geoffrey 2 0.14
Flett, Henry 307 20.73
Forster, William 253 17.08
Smith, Robert Burdett 444 29.98
Vickery, Ebenezer 1 0.07
Formal Votes 1,481
Informal Votes 0 0.00
Total Votes / Turnout 1,481 56.06
Persons Voting / Turnout 1,491 56.43
Notes: Horace Dean's victory was later overturned by the Elections and Qualifications Committee. (LAVP 1870 Vol A1 p.457) William Forster was sitting MP for The Hastings in the previous Parliament, but had already been defeated contesting St Leonards. He is not shown as a sitting MP in this seat, and was elected MP for Queanbeyan on the same day as the poll in Hastings.
Source: Totals taken from Elections and Qualifications Committee report. Slightly different totals published in Empire, 29 December 1869, p. 2, col.4, SMH 6 January 1870, p.5 col.1. Discrepancy in total votes may be unreported informal votes. SMH reports missed the presence of Vickery.