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The Hastings - By-election (Roll: 2,934)
Nominations: Friday, 23 September 1870, Polling: Friday, 23 September 1870 (No poll held)
Candidate Votes Votes %
Smith, Robert Burdett (Elected) Elected unopposed
Cause Category: Qualifications Committee
Notes: This record represents a change in parliamentary membership rather than a by-election. For the second time, Horace Dean's victory at an election was overturned. On this occasion, the Elections and Qualifications Committee disqualified him because he had not met the 5 years residence required after naturalisation before having his name placed on the electoral roll. Without the right to vote, Dean did not have the right stand for or sit in Parliament. The Committee decided not to call a fresh election, instead choosing to declare the defeated candidate from the by-election, Robert Burdett Smith, elected in Dean's place. (LAVP 1870-1, Vol A1 p.1193)
Source: Votes and Proceedings 1870-1, Vol 1, 23 September 1870, p.1199, reported SMH, 24 September 1870, p. 4