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Candidate Date Party District
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Akister, John Edward (Elected) 01/05/1976 Labor Party Monaro
Alexander, John Duncan 01/05/1976 Australia Party Mosman
Allsopp, Roy Sylvester 01/05/1976 Independents Penrith
Anderson, Peter Thomas 01/05/1976 Labor Party Nepean
Arblaster, David Amos (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Mosman
Atkin, Margaret Clare 01/05/1976 Labor Party Gordon
Atkins, Peter Leonard 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Corrimal
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Babic, Frank Henry 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Granville
Balos, George Andrew 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Heffron
Bannon, Brian Joseph (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Labor Party Rockdale
Barnier, Gordon Arthur (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Labor Party Blacktown
Barraclough, Lindley John Forbes (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Bligh
Barry, Thomas Robert 01/05/1976 Country Party Monaro
Barton, Robert Andrew 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Campbelltown
Bedford, Eric Lance (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Labor Party Fairfield
Bell, Raymond Glen 01/05/1976 Independents Nepean
Bellchambers, Edwin Charles 15/07/1978 (by) Independents Earlwood
Berrell, Noel Ernest 01/05/1976 Labor Party Wakehurst
Berryman, Wesley Harrison 01/05/1976 Independents Temora
Bevan, Richard Alex 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Waratah
Billings, Phillip Kentwell 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Coogee
Bingle, Charles Frederick Stephen 15/07/1978 (by) Independents Earlwood
Blazey, Peter Bradford 15/07/1978 (by) Gay Liberation Earlwood
Booth, John Edgar 01/05/1976 Workers Party Pittwater
Booth, Kenneth George (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Labor Party Wallsend
Boyd, John Charles (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Country Party Byron
Boyd, Ross Desmond 01/05/1976 Labor Party Murray
Brereton, Laurence John (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Labor Party Heffron
Brewer, Ronald Alfred St Clair (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Country Party Goulburn
Britt, Edwin Alfred 01/05/1976 Labor Party Willoughby
Brooks, Malcolm Harold (Defeated) 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Gosford
Bros, Clifford William 01/05/1976 Australia Party Ashfield
Brown, Christopher Tillotson 01/05/1976 Workers Party Gordon
Brown, Ian Metcalfe 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Wollongong
Brown, James Hill (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Country Party Raleigh
Brown, James Walter Anthony 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Parramatta
Browne, John Wallace Alexander 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Castlereagh
Bruxner, James Caird (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Country Party Tenterfield
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Cahill, John Joseph 01/05/1976 Labor Party Mosman
Cahill, Thomas James (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Labor Party Marrickville
Cameron, Ian Donald 01/05/1976 Labor Party Ku-ring-gai
Cameron, James Alexander (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Northcott
Cammack, Eileen 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Penrith
Carruthers, Donald Arthur 01/05/1976 Independents Lakemba
Cassel, Noel Richard 01/05/1976 Labor Party Tamworth
Caterson, Frederick Douglas Claude (Elected) 09/10/1976 (by) Liberal Party The Hills
Cavalier, Rodney Mark 01/05/1976 Labor Party Fuller
Clague, Colin 01/05/1976 Labor Party Clarence
Cleary, Michael Arthur (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Labor Party Coogee
Clough, James Arthur (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Eastwood
Clough, Ralph James (Elected) 01/05/1976 Labor Party Blue Mountains
Coates, Harold George (Defeated) 01/05/1976 Independents Blue Mountains
Cockcroft, Peter Halstead 01/05/1976 Communist Balmain
Coleman, William Peter (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Fuller
Coles, John Alexander Miller 01/05/1976 Workers Party Burwood
Collins, Herbert John 01/05/1976 Independents Gloucester
Cowan, David Bruce (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Country Party Oxley
Cox, Peter Francis (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Labor Party Auburn
Crabtree, William Frederick (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Labor Party Kogarah
Cummins, Robert Kevin 01/05/1976 Labor Party Eastwood
Curvers, John William Antony 01/05/1976 Workers Party Bligh
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Darby, Evelyn Douglas (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Manly
Day, Donald (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Labor Party Casino
Degen, Roger Charles (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Labor Party Balmain
Dein, Timothy Raymond 01/05/1976 Australia Party Lakemba
Dennett, Noel Lewis 01/05/1976 Workers Party South Coast
Donkin, Graeme Ernest 01/05/1976 Independents Bligh
Dowd, John Robert Arthur (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Lane Cove
Doyle, Keith Ralph (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Vaucluse
Duncan, Marshall John 01/05/1976 Labor Party Barwon
Duncan, Robert Bruce (Re-elected) 08/04/1976 Country Party Lismore
Dunkerley, Christopher Max 01/05/1976 Australia Party Fuller
Dunn, Maxwell John 01/05/1976 Labor Party Orange
Durick, Vincent Patrick (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Labor Party Lakemba
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Edgell, George Herbert 01/05/1976 Liberal Party East Hills
Egan, Michael Rueben 01/05/1976 Labor Party Cronulla
Einfeld, Sydney David (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Labor Party Waverley
Eisler, Hans 01/05/1976 Labor Party Hornsby
Enderbury, Keith James 01/05/1976 Labor Party Byron
Esler, Kevin Thomas 01/05/1976 Labor Party Albury
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Face, Jack Richard (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Labor Party Charlestown
Fennell, Oliver Ronald 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Lake Macquarie
Ferguson, Laurie John (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Labor Party Merrylands
Ferguson, Raymond Maxwell 01/05/1976 Independents Blacktown
Fiegel, Bernhard 01/05/1976 Australia Party Hurstville
Fischer, Timothy Andrew (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Country Party Sturt
Fisher, Colin Murray (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Country Party Upper Hunter
Flaherty, James Patrick (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Labor Party Granville
Fleming, Ian 01/05/1976 Independents Murray
Fleming, Neville Hector 15/07/1978 (by) Independents Earlwood
Ford, Thomas Larcom 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Charlestown
Foster, Peter Chapman 01/05/1976 Independents Bathurst
Fraser, Terrence William 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Kogarah
Frazer, Hugh Ivo 01/05/1976 Workers Party Drummoyne
Frazer, Hugh Ivo 09/10/1976 (by) Workers Party The Hills
Freudenstein, George Francis (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Country Party Young
Fuller-Quinn, Barbara Grace 01/05/1976 Labor Party Vaucluse
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Gabb, Kenneth George 01/05/1976 Labor Party Earlwood
Gabb, Kenneth George (Elected) 15/07/1978 (by) Labor Party Earlwood
Ghent, John Wentworth 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Bankstown
Gibson, Maxwell Ian 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Georges River
Gibson, Paul Bernard 01/05/1976 Labor Party The Hills
Gibson, Paul Bernard 09/10/1976 (by) Labor Party The Hills
Glover, Thomas John 01/05/1976 Country Party Burrinjuck
Gordon, Alan Robert Lindsay (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Labor Party Murrumbidgee
Gorman, Richard 01/05/1976 Labor Party Wagga Wagga
Gow, Heather Oxley 01/05/1976 Independents Wentworthville
Graham, Gregory Cox 01/05/1976 Independents Murray
Graham, Raymond Colin 01/05/1976 Labor Party Davidson
Graham, Robin Malcolm 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Lakemba
Green, Albert Geoffrey 01/05/1976 Country Party Castlereagh
Griffith, Ian Ross (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Cronulla
Griffiths, David 01/05/1976 Workers Party Ku-ring-gai
Griffiths, John Donald 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Wentworthville
Gumbert, Marc Michel 01/05/1976 Labor Party Manly
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Haigh, William Henry (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Labor Party Maroubra
Harris, John 01/05/1976 Independents Gordon
Harris, Rex John 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Liverpool
Harrold, Kevin Joseph (Defeated) 01/05/1976 D.L.P. Gordon
Hatton, John Edward (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Independents South Coast
Healey, Richard Owen (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Davidson
Healy, Patrick Laurence 01/05/1976 Labor Party Kirribilli
Heaton, Irwin 01/05/1976 Liberal Party South Coast
Henderson, Donald Cardwell 01/05/1976 Independents Balmain
Henshaw, John Thomas 01/05/1976 Independents Nepean
Hession, Damian 01/05/1976 Labor Party Dubbo
Hills, Patrick Darcy (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Labor Party Phillip
Holt, John Webster 01/05/1976 Independents Heffron
Hughes, Joseph Vincent 01/05/1976 Labor Party Tenterfield
Hunter, Mervyn Leslie (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Labor Party Lake Macquarie
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Innes, Alwyn Bambury 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Ashfield
Isaac, Leslie Amos 01/05/1976 Country Party Casino
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Jackett, John Gordon Thorne (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Burwood
Jackson, Rex Frederick (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Labor Party Heathcote
Jackson, William Irwin 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Munmorah
Jensen, Henry Frederick (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Labor Party Munmorah
Johnson, Anthony Valentine Patrick (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Labor Party Mount Druitt
Johnstone, Lewis Albert (Re-elected) 08/04/1976 Labor Party Broken Hill
Jones, Alan Belford 15/07/1978 (by) Liberal Party Earlwood
Jones, Samuel Barry (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Labor Party Waratah
K Top of Page
Keane, Maurice Francis (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Labor Party Woronora
Kearns, Nicholas Joseph (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Labor Party Bankstown
Keig, Juanita Elizabeth 01/05/1976 Socialist Workers Balmain
Kelly, Lawrence Borthwick (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Labor Party Corrimal
Kemps, Romualds Daumants 01/05/1976 Independents Kirribilli
Knight, John 01/05/1976 Country Party Murrumbidgee
Knott, William Edwin 01/05/1976 Labor Party Wollondilly
L Top of Page
Lees, Alan John 01/05/1976 Labor Party Lane Cove
Legge, Hubert Edwin 01/05/1976 Labor Party Armidale
Leitch, David Stanley (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Country Party Armidale
Lewis, Rodney Selwyn 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Merrylands
Lewis, Thomas Lancelot (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Wollondilly
Lianos, Costa 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Marrickville
Lindfield, Alwyn George 01/05/1976 Labor Party Hawkesbury
Lulham, Brian Anthony 01/05/1976 Labor Party Goulburn
Lyon, John Burkitt 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Blacktown
M Top of Page
Mackay, Donald Bruce 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Murrumbidgee
Mackie, Gordon Charlton (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Albury
Maddison, John Clarkson (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Ku-ring-gai
Maher, Michael John (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Labor Party Drummoyne
Mallam, Heathcote Clifford (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Labor Party Campbelltown
Mallett, Josephine Margaret 15/07/1978 (by) Conservative Earlwood
Margerison, Derek 01/05/1976 Labor Party Yaralla
Marland, Valerie Hope 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Monaro
Mason, John Marsden (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Dubbo
McCrudden, James Phillip 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Mount Druitt
McDonald, Bruce John (Elected) 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Kirribilli
McGinty, Laurence Frederick (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Willoughby
McGowan, Brian Hamilton (Elected) 01/05/1976 Labor Party Gosford
McRae, Donald John 01/05/1976 Country Party Casino
Mead, Thomas Francis (Defeated) 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Hurstville
Meillon, Mary (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Murray
Middlebrook, Peter McLaren 01/05/1976 Independents Pittwater
Moore, Timothy John (Elected) 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Gordon
Moran, Joseph Francis 01/05/1976 Labor Party Raleigh
Morris, Marie Elizabeth 01/05/1976 Australia Party Maroubra
Morris, Milton Arthur (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Maitland
Morrison, Crena 01/05/1976 Independents Heffron
Mort, Geoffrey Bennett 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Waverley
Mulock, Ronald Joseph (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Labor Party Penrith
Mundey, Judith Ann 01/05/1976 Communist Phillip
Murray, Wallace Telford John (Elected) 01/05/1976 Country Party Barwon
Mutton, Lerryn William (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Yaralla
N Top of Page
Nash, Alexander 01/05/1976 Independents Bligh
Neilly, George Henry (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Labor Party Cessnock
O Top of Page
O'Connell, Keith (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Labor Party Peats
Osborne, Clive Geoffrey (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Country Party Bathurst
P Top of Page
Paciullo, George (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Labor Party Liverpool
Park, Ernest Noel (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Country Party Tamworth
Payne, Geoffrey James 01/05/1976 Socialist Workers Marrickville
Peacocke, Gerald Beresford Ponsonby 01/05/1976 Independents Dubbo
Pennington, Marjorie Valmai 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Canterbury
Petersen, Mairi Isabel Wilson 01/05/1976 Labor Party Bligh
Petersen, Wilfred George (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Labor Party Illawarra
Phillips, Barry Owen 01/05/1976 Australia Party Gosford
Phillips, Ronald Anthony Thomas 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Heathcote
Pickard, Neil Edward William (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Hornsby
Poppleton, Elizabeth Mary 01/05/1976 Australia Party Lane Cove
Provan, Alroy Sommerville 01/05/1976 Labor Party Temora
Punch, Leon Ashton (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Country Party Gloucester
Q Top of Page
Quinn, Ernest Neville (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Labor Party Wentworthville
R Top of Page
Ramsay, Eric Daniel (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Labor Party Wollongong
Reddy, Michael William 01/05/1976 Labor Party Upper Hunter
Reid, James Thomas 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Drummoyne
Rennie, David Manning 01/05/1976 Workers Party Kirribilli
Renshaw, John Brophy (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Labor Party Castlereagh
Richardson, Cuthbert James 01/05/1976 Labor Party Sturt
Ricketts, Ronald Leslie 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Woronora
Robb, William Edward 01/05/1976 Labor Party Miranda
Rofe, Ronald Ernest Arthur (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Nepean
Rogan, Patrick Allan (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Labor Party East Hills
Rogers, Charles Brian 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Fairfield
Ross-Gowan, Suzan Bettye 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Cessnock
Rozzoli, Kevin Richard (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Hawkesbury
Ruddock, Maxwell Stanley (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Liberal Party The Hills
Rutherford, Lindsay Norman 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Maroubra
Ryan, Kerry John 01/05/1976 Labor Party Maitland
Ryan, Kevin James (Elected) 01/05/1976 Labor Party Hurstville
S Top of Page
Scaysbrook, Raymond John 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Rockdale
Schipp, Henry George 01/05/1976 Independents Illawarra
Schipp, Joseph John (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Wagga Wagga
Schollbach, Robert Frederick 01/05/1976 Workers Party Kogarah
Scott, Ian Arthur 01/05/1976 Workers Party Cronulla
Shanahan, Terence Patrick 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Bass Hill
Sharpe, Barrie Douglass 01/05/1976 Workers Party Parramatta
Sheahan, Terence William (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Labor Party Burrinjuck
Shnookal, Deborah Jane 01/05/1976 Socialist Workers Phillip
Sim, Stephen James 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Auburn
Singleton, Matthew (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Country Party Clarence
Starr, Peter William 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Phillip
Stewart, Kevin James (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Labor Party Canterbury
T Top of Page
Tangye, William John 01/05/1976 Independents Wollondilly
Taylor, James Hugh (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Country Party Temora
Thomas, Arthur Andrew 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Newcastle
Thomas, Victor Phillip 01/05/1976 Workers Party Wollondilly
Thompson, Jeffrey Maxwell 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Balmain
Toyer, Reynold Wilbur 01/05/1976 Labor Party Burrendong
Tullgren, Peter William Edwin 01/05/1976 Labor Party Oxley
V Top of Page
Viney, Arthur Edward Allanby (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Wakehurst
W Top of Page
Waddy, John Lloyd (Defeated) 01/05/1976 Ind Liberal Kirribilli
Wade, William Arthur (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Labor Party Newcastle
Walker, Francis John (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Labor Party Georges River
Walker, Noel Douglas (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Miranda
Walker, Stephen Paul 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Wallsend
Walsh, Peter John 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Peats
Warr, Kerry Lyndon 15/07/1978 (by) Democrats Earlwood
Webster, Bruce Laurence (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Pittwater
West, Garry Bruce (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Country Party Orange
West, Timothy Henry 01/05/1976 Labor Party Young
Whelan, Paul Francis Patrick (Elected) 01/05/1976 Labor Party Ashfield
Wild, Charles Henry James 01/05/1976 Labor Party Pittwater
Wilde, Barry Charles (Elected) 01/05/1976 Labor Party Parramatta
Willis, Eric Archibald (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Liberal Party Earlwood
Willis, Sabine Hedwig 01/05/1976 Labor Party Northcott
Wilson, Warren John 01/05/1976 Independents Ashfield
Winkelman, Johannes 01/05/1976 Labor Party Gloucester
Woods, Peter Robert 01/05/1976 Labor Party Burwood
Worthington, Mark Adrian 01/05/1976 Labor Party Bathurst
Wotton, Roger Corfield Anson (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Country Party Burrendong
Wran, Neville Kenneth (Re-elected) 01/05/1976 Labor Party Bass Hill
Wright, Margaret Noni 01/05/1976 Workers Party Illawarra
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Zappacosta, Bernardino 01/05/1976 Country Party Murrumbidgee