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Candidate Date Party District
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Abbey, Anthony Alfred 01/05/1965 D.L.P. Wagga Wagga
Ablamowicz, Stanley 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Burrinjuck
Andreasson, Hans Bertil Ernoff 01/05/1965 D.L.P. Parramatta
Andrews, Joseph Robert 01/05/1965 Labor Party Oxley
Andrews, Joseph Robert 06/11/1965 (by) Labor Party Oxley
Ansell, Hugh John 01/05/1965 D.L.P. Wyong
Askin, Robin William (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Collaroy
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Baldwin, Eric Henry Ivo 01/05/1965 Country Party Murrumbidgee
Bamborough, Thomas 01/05/1965 Independent Maroubra
Bannon, Brian Joseph (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Labor Party Rockdale
Barnes, Peter 01/05/1965 Independent Wollongong-Kembla
Barraclough, Lindley John Forbes 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Bondi
Barraclough, Lindley John Forbes 06/11/1965 (by) Liberal Party Bondi
Bayliss, Gerald David 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Redfern
Beale, Jack Gordon (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Liberal Party South Coast
Bennett, Alfred Ernest (Defeated) 01/05/1965 Labor Party Nepean
Black, Harry Bradford 01/05/1965 Communist Balmain
Bland, Paul 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Parramatta
Boag, Douglas Arnold 01/05/1965 Country Party Burrinjuck
Bollins, Francis Albert 01/05/1965 Communist Bankstown
Booth, Kenneth George (Re-elected) 05/04/1965 Labor Party Kurri Kurri
Bowen, Lionel Frost (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Labor Party Randwick
Bowen, Sara Elva Gladys 01/05/1965 Communist Bulli
Brain, George William (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Willoughby
Bramwell, William Colin 01/05/1965 Labor Party Collaroy
Brauer, Doris Edna 01/05/1965 D.L.P. Eastwood
Breen, Laurence 01/05/1965 D.L.P. Hartley
Brewer, Ronald Alfred St Clair (Elected) 01/05/1965 Country Party Goulburn
Bristow, Angus Clifton 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Rockdale
Britt, Edwin Alfred 01/05/1965 Labor Party Willoughby
Brown, Edward Thomas Stanley 01/05/1965 Country Party Sturt
Brown, James Hill (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Country Party Raleigh
Bruxner, James Caird (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Country Party Tenterfield
Buckley, Walter James 01/05/1965 Communist Phillip
Byrnes, Arthur John 01/05/1965 D.L.P. Wentworthville
Byrnes, Edward Patrick 01/05/1965 D.L.P. Vaucluse
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Cahill, James Francis 01/05/1965 Labor Party Kirribilli
Cahill, Thomas James (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Labor Party Cook's River
Campbell, Angus Armstrong 01/05/1965 Independent Castlereagh
Carr, Edwin William 01/05/1965 D.L.P. Drummoyne
Carter, Russell Haddon 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Dulwich Hill
Chaffey, William Adolphus (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Country Party Tamworth
Chambers, George Edward 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Drummoyne
Chandler, Harry Francis 01/05/1965 Labor Party Earlwood
Charters, Kenneth Frederick 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Wyong
Clarke, Denys Andreleon Lennox 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Blacktown
Clough, James Arthur (Elected) 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Eastwood
Coady, Reginald Francis John (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Labor Party Drummoyne
Coates, Harold George (Elected) 01/05/1965 Independent Hartley
Cohen, Morton Barnett (Elected) 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Bligh
Cohen, Philip Patrick 01/05/1965 D.L.P. Coogee
Cole, Harry Clifford 01/05/1965 D.L.P. Liverpool
Cole, Stanley James 01/05/1965 Labor Party Tamworth
Colley, John Francis 01/05/1965 Liberal Party East Hills
Collins, Herbert John 01/05/1965 D.L.P. Waratah
Compton, Keith Clive (Defeated) 01/05/1965 Labor Party Lismore
Connell, Allan Paton 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Cobar
Connolly, Edward Joseph 01/05/1965 D.L.P. Lane Cove
Connolly, Michael James 06/05/1967 (by) Labor Party Bathurst
Constable, James Harold 01/05/1965 Labor Party Byron
Copley, Mervyn Percy 01/05/1965 Communist Newcastle
Cordner, Joseph Henry 01/05/1965 Independent Oxley
Cordner, Joseph Henry 06/11/1965 (by) Independent Oxley
Cowan, David 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Bankstown
Cowan, David Bruce (Elected) 06/11/1965 (by) Country Party Oxley
Cox, Peter Francis (Elected) 01/05/1965 Labor Party Auburn
Crabtree, William Frederick (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Labor Party Kogarah
Crawford, Geoffrey Robertson (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Country Party Barwon
Cross, Douglas Donald (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Georges River
Cutler, Charles Benjamin (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Country Party Orange
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Dalton, Thomas William (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Labor Party Sutherland
Darby, Evelyn Douglas (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Ind Liberal Manly
Davis, Kevin Charles 01/05/1965 D.L.P. Hurstville
Davis, Neil 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Auburn
Deane, Bernard Sydney Llewellyn (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Hawkesbury
Dennis, Alfred Hugh 06/11/1965 (by) Liberal Party Oxley
Diehm, Andrew Peter 01/05/1965 D.L.P. Granville
Doherty, William Francis 01/05/1965 D.L.P. Concord
Doig, Benjamin Cochrane (Defeated) 01/05/1965 Ind Liberal Burwood
Downing, Francis George (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Labor Party Ryde
Downing, James William 01/05/1965 Independent Wollondilly
Doyle, Keith Ralph (Elected) 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Vaucluse
Droulers, Dominique Maurice 01/05/1965 D.L.P. Gordon
Dumbrell, Charles Osborne 01/05/1965 Communist Cessnock
Dunbier, Rowland Albert (Elected) 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Nepean
Duncan, Robert Bruce (Elected) 01/05/1965 Country Party Lismore
Duncan, Russell Grahame 01/05/1965 Independent East Hills
Durick, Vincent Patrick (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Labor Party Lakemba
Dwyer, Brian Michael 01/05/1965 D.L.P. Gosford
Dwyer, Kevin Joseph 01/05/1965 Labor Party Gosford
E Top of Page
Earl, Clarence Joseph (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Labor Party Bass Hill
Edwards, William 01/05/1965 Independent Cobar
Einfeld, Sydney David (Elected) 06/11/1965 (by) Labor Party Bondi
Ellis, Kevin (Elected) 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Coogee
Elphinston, Alexander Walter 01/05/1965 Communist Cronulla
Evans, Richard Kelynack 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Mudgee
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Felton, Anthony David 01/05/1965 D.L.P. Hornsby
Ferguson, Laurie John (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Labor Party Fairfield
Fife, Wallace Clyde (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Wagga Wagga
Fitzgerald, Wallace Vincent 01/05/1965 Labor Party Maitland
Flaherty, James Patrick (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Labor Party Granville
Foster, Terrence John 01/05/1965 Labor Party Hornsby
Fowles, Howard Thomas (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Labor Party Illawarra
Francis, Alan William 01/05/1965 Labor Party The Hills
Freudenstein, George Francis (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Country Party Young
G Top of Page
Gibson, Andrew Jacklin 01/05/1965 Independent Wollongong-Kembla
Glass, Neville Alfred 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Marrickville
Glenny, Warren Edward 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Liverpool
Gorshenin, Nicholas 01/05/1965 Independent Kirribilli
Goslett, William Walter 01/05/1965 D.L.P. Sutherland
Grassby, Albert Jaime (Elected) 01/05/1965 Labor Party Murrumbidgee
Green, Frederick (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Labor Party Redfern
Griffith, Ian Ross (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Cronulla
Griffiths, James Edward 01/05/1965 Country Party Albury
H Top of Page
Hahn, Albert Leonard Frank 01/05/1965 Independent Wentworthville
Hargrave, Mary Reuben 01/05/1965 Independent Bulli
Hawkins, Francis Harold (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Labor Party Newcastle
Healey, Richard Owen (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Wakehurst
Hearnshaw, Marion Lilian 01/05/1965 Independent Eastwood
Heffron, Robert James (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Labor Party Maroubra
Heggie, Donald Harold 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Bulli
Henderson, Alan Frederick 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Lismore
Herridge, John Francis 01/05/1965 Labor Party Temora
Heslehurst, Harold William 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Maroubra
Hicks, Francis Joseph 01/05/1965 D.L.P. Mosman
Higgs, Barton Donald 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Manly
Hills, Patrick Darcy (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Labor Party Phillip
Hough, Michael William Jack (Elected) 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Wollongong-Kembla
Hughes, Davis (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Country Party Armidale
Humphries, Edward Harris (Elected) 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Gosford
Hunter, David Benjamin (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Ashfield-Croydon
J Top of Page
Jackett, John Gordon Thorne (Elected) 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Burwood
Jackson, Rex Frederick (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Labor Party Bulli
Jago, Arnold Henry (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Gordon
James, Keith 06/05/1967 (by) Independent Bathurst
Jegorow, Wadim 01/05/1965 Labor Party Ashfield-Croydon
Jensen, Henry Frederick (Elected) 01/05/1965 Labor Party Wyong
Johnstone, Lewis Albert (Elected) 01/05/1965 Labor Party Cobar
Jones, Frederick George 01/05/1965 Independent Wakehurst
Jones, Samuel Barry (Elected) 01/05/1965 Labor Party Waratah
Jordan, Leslie Charles (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Oxley
K Top of Page
Kaufmann, Lawrence John 01/05/1965 Labor Party Hawkesbury
Keane, Leo 01/05/1965 D.L.P. Albury
Kearns, Nicholas Joseph (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Labor Party Bankstown
Keating, Brian 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Goulburn
Kelly, Christopher Augustus (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Labor Party Bathurst
Kelly, Robert Joseph (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Labor Party East Hills
Kelly, Stanislaus Thomas 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Fairfield
Keniry, George Albert 01/05/1965 Labor Party Eastwood
Kennedy, Thomas Edward 01/05/1965 D.L.P. Ryde
Kenny, John Joseph 01/05/1965 D.L.P. Bligh
L Top of Page
Landa, Abram (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Labor Party Bondi
Lawson, Joseph Alexander (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Country Party Murray
Lewis, Elton Stirland 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Balmain
Lewis, Thomas Lancelot (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Wollondilly
Lowing, Michael Manning 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Murrumbidgee
M Top of Page
MacDonald, Wallace Henry 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Kahibah
Mack, Roderick Murgha 01/05/1965 Country Party Dubbo
Mackie, Gordon Charlton (Elected) 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Albury
Maddison, John Clarkson (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Hornsby
Mahoney, Daniel John (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Labor Party Parramatta
Mallam, Heathcote Clifford (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Labor Party Dulwich Hill
Mamo, Louis Charles John 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Cook's River
Mannix, Norman John (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Labor Party Liverpool
Manyweathers, Richmond William (Re-elected) 05/04/1965 Country Party Casino
Marriott, Ronald John 01/05/1965 Communist Liverpool
Martin, John Wesley 06/11/1965 (by) Independent Oxley
Mason, John Marsden (Elected) 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Dubbo
Mason, Kenneth Clive 01/05/1965 Labor Party Dubbo
Matthews, John Cyril James 06/05/1967 (by) Liberal Party Bathurst
Mauger, Stephen George (Elected) 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Monaro
Maxwell, Ronald Alexander 01/05/1965 Communist King
McCartney, Robert Arthur (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Labor Party Hamilton
McCaw, Kenneth Malcolm (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Lane Cove
McDermott, Ernest Joseph 01/05/1965 Labor Party Goulburn
McDermott, Kevin Colbert 01/05/1965 Independent Vaucluse
McFarlane, Douglas John 01/05/1965 Independent Cobar
McGee, Patrick John Stephen 01/05/1965 Labor Party Armidale
McIlveen, Harold Samuel Frank 01/05/1965 Independent East Hills
McKimm, Kenneth James 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Phillip
McMahon, John Michael Alfred (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Labor Party Balmain
McPhee, Colin Sinclair 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Canterbury
Mead, Thomas Francis (Elected) 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Hurstville
Melville, Robert Gavin 01/05/1965 Labor Party Raleigh
Mill, Geoffrey Alan 01/05/1965 Labor Party Wakehurst
Mingramm, Jack Albert 01/05/1965 Independent East Hills
Mitchell, Henry Attwool Dunbar 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Ryde
Moppett, Douglas Frederick 01/05/1965 Country Party Castlereagh
Morcom, Elfrida Margaret 01/05/1965 Communist Collaroy
Mordue, Stewart William 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Newcastle
Morey, Thomas Irving (Defeated) 01/05/1965 Labor Party Bligh
Morgan, Brian Charles 01/05/1965 Independent Waratah
Morris, Milton Arthur (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Maitland
Morton, Philip Henry (Pat) (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Mosman
Moufarrige, Emile George 01/05/1965 Country Party Mudgee
Murphy, Andrew James 01/05/1965 D.L.P. Fairfield
Murphy, Thomas Patrick (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Labor Party Concord
Mutton, Lerryn William 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Concord
N Top of Page
Nathan, Richard Anthony 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Hamilton
Neilly, George Henry (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Labor Party Cessnock
Newey, Norman Maxwell 01/05/1965 Labor Party Burwood
Newton, Cecil Robert 01/05/1965 Labor Party Barwon
Nott, Leo Mervyn (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Labor Party Mudgee
O Top of Page
Oakey, Albert Sidney 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Kogarah
O'Connell, Hubert David 01/05/1965 D.L.P. Kogarah
O'Halloran, Patrick 01/05/1965 Labor Party Wollondilly
O'Keefe, Frank Lionel (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Country Party Upper Hunter
Osborne, Clive Geoffrey 01/05/1965 Country Party Bathurst
Osborne, Clive Geoffrey (Elected) 06/05/1967 (by) Country Party Bathurst
P Top of Page
Page, Wallace Joseph 01/05/1965 Labor Party Cronulla
Pardy, William 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Bass Hill
Park, John Henderson 01/05/1965 Independent Nepean
Parry, Arthur Frederick 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Lakemba
Parsonage, Philip David 01/05/1965 Labor Party Clarence
Partridge, John Ramsay Paul 01/05/1965 Liberal Party King
Perish, Albert Anthony 01/05/1965 D.L.P. Nepean
Phillis, Keith Norman 01/05/1965 Country Party Monaro
Pitkethly, Sidney John 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Randwick
Poel, John William 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Illawarra
Porter, Douglas (Defeated) 01/05/1965 Labor Party Wollongong-Kembla
Potter, Eric Albert 01/05/1965 Labor Party Tenterfield
Punch, Leon Ashton (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Country Party Gloucester
Purdue, Frank Outen Jensen (Defeated) 01/05/1965 Independent Waratah
Q Top of Page
Quinn, Ernest Neville (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Labor Party Wentworthville
Quinn, Terence Walter 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Granville
R Top of Page
Renshaw, John Brophy (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Labor Party Castlereagh
Richardson, Keith Dick 01/05/1965 Independent Rockdale
Rietschel, Albert Edward 06/11/1965 (by) Independent Bondi
Rigby, William Matthew (Defeated) 01/05/1965 Labor Party Hurstville
Robinson, William Harrie Reed 01/05/1965 Labor Party Georges River
Robson, James Malone 01/05/1965 Labor Party Hartley
Ruddock, Maxwell Stanley (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Liberal Party The Hills
Ryan, Phillip Norman (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Labor Party Marrickville
Rygate, Robert Albert Gerald 01/05/1965 Labor Party Young
S Top of Page
Sarina, Ronald Grafton 01/05/1965 Independent Nepean
Sawyer, John David James 01/05/1965 Independent Bass Hill
Scott, Walter Robert 01/05/1965 Independent Gloucester
Seiffert, John Edward 01/05/1965 Labor Party Monaro
Sharkey, Stanley 01/05/1965 Communist Maroubra
Sharrock, Cecil James 01/05/1965 Communist Redfern
Sharrock, Raymond Maurice 01/05/1965 Independent Ashfield-Croydon
Sheahan, William Francis (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Labor Party Burrinjuck
Simpson, James Brunton (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Labor Party Lake Macquarie
Skeers, John Murray 01/05/1965 Labor Party Wagga Wagga
Sloss, Albert Ross (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Labor Party King
Slowgrove, William Henry John 06/11/1965 (by) D.L.P. Bondi
Smith, French Bruce 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Bathurst
Smith, Hilton Manning 01/05/1965 D.L.P. Cessnock
Southee, James Bernard (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Labor Party Blacktown
Stephens, Stanley Tunstall (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Country Party Byron
Stewart, John Julius Thomas (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Labor Party Kahibah
Stewart, Kevin James (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Labor Party Canterbury
Stewart, Ralph Edward 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Wentworthville
T Top of Page
Tarlton-Rayment, Malcolm Stuart 01/05/1965 Independent Hawkesbury
Taylor, James Hugh (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Country Party Temora
Thompson, Albert William 01/05/1965 Independent Manly
Towner, Malcolm Michael 01/05/1965 Independent Blacktown
Troy, John Patrick 01/05/1965 D.L.P. Murrumbidgee
U Top of Page
Uhrig, Leslie Earl 01/05/1965 Labor Party Upper Hunter
W Top of Page
Waddy, John Lloyd (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Kirribilli
Walker, Noel Douglas 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Sutherland
Walsh, John Richard 01/05/1965 Independent Phillip
Walsh, Louis Andrew (Defeated) 01/05/1965 Labor Party Coogee
Wassell, John Charles 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Lake Macquarie
Waterford, William Bede 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Castlereagh
Wattison, William Ernest (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Labor Party Sturt
Webster, Robert John James 01/05/1965 Communist Illawarra
Weeks, Norman George 01/05/1965 Independent East Hills
Weiley, William Robert (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Country Party Clarence
Whalan, Kevin Wallace 01/05/1965 Labor Party Orange
White, Robert Benedict 01/05/1965 Labor Party Albury
Whitten, Kathleen Vera 01/05/1965 Independent Nepean
Williams, Noel Joseph 01/05/1965 Independent South Coast
Willis, Eric Archibald (Re-elected) 01/05/1965 Liberal Party Earlwood
Wilson, Digby Neville Cardew 01/05/1965 Country Party Lismore
X Top of Page
Xeros, George Stelios 01/05/1965 Labor Party Murray