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Hurstville - By-election (Roll: 22,469)
Industrial Labor gain from United Australia
Nominations: Friday, 3 March 1939, Polling: Saturday, 18 March 1939
Preferences required, Preferences counted to completion, Preferences changed primary result
Candidate Party Votes % Final %
Evatt, Clive Raleigh (Elected) Industrial Labor 7,017 33.75 12,168 58.52
McGrath, John Francis Labor Party 5,852 28.14
Thomas, Alfred Charles United Australia 7,925 38.11 8,626 41.48
Formal Votes 20,794
Informal Votes 309 1.46
Total Votes / Turnout 21,103 93.92
Cause Category: Death
Notes: Caused by the death of UAP MP James Eli Webb.
Source: Nominations SMH 4 March 1939, p.12 col.8. Through the campiagn, the SMH referred to Evatt as being an Industrial Labor and a Heffron Labor candidate.
Corrections: Note that Hughes and Graham refer to Evatt as being a State Labor candidate. This group had been known as Industrial Labor or Heffron Labor at the 1938 election. Evatt has been listed as Industrial Labor here to avoid confusion with the Lang's State Labor from earlier in the 1930s, or the distinct Hughes-Evans State Labor that contested the 1941 election.

Distribution of Preferences
Exclusion 1
McGrath (ALP)
PreferencesNew Totals
Evatt (IL) 5151 88.02 12168 58.52
McGrath (ALP) -5852
Thomas (UAP) 701 11.98 8626 41.48