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Hartley - 1932 (Roll: 11,833)
Retained by Labor Party
Candidate Party Votes % Final %
Bracey, Horace Edward Pearce UAP-Country 2,440 21.44
Dooley, James Ind Labor 1,585 13.93
Knight, Hamilton (Re-elected) Labor Party 7,080 62.21
Walsh, Patrick Communist 275 2.42
Formal Votes 11,380
Informal Votes 144 1.25
Total Votes / Turnout 11,524 97.39
Notes: James Dooley was a former Labor MP for Hartley and also former NSW Premier. He was not an endorsed FLP candidate, but ran on an anti-Lang platfom. (Robinson)
Corrections: Bracey received endorsement from both the UAP and Country Party and has been listed as a joint candidate in line with Hughes and Graham (1975).