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Botany - 1917 (Roll: 14,720)
Labor Party gain from Ind Labor
Not contested by both major parties
Candidate Party Votes % 2nd Ball %
Mutch, Thomas Davies (Elected) Labor Party 5,333 57.87
Page, Frederick Joseph (Defeated) Ind Labor 3,882 42.13
Formal Votes 9,215
Informal Votes 80 0.86
Total Votes / Turnout 9,295 63.15
Notes: Page had been elected as an Independent Labor candidate in 1913 after being denied Labor pre-selection. The Daily Telegraph (5 March) listed this as one seat the Nationalists chose to leave as a contest between Labor and Independent Labor candidates. The SMH (24 March) listed him as an Independent Labor candidate for whom Nationalist supporters should vote. While the Telegraph election results and lists in the Farmer and Settler referred to Page as a Nationalist candidate, he was never included in Nationalist advertising. Avoiding the Nationalist party label, the Worker (8 March) listed Page as a 'conscriptionist supporter of the Holman Liberal government'.