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Annandale - 1917 (Roll: 11,515)
Retained by Labor Party
Not contested by both major parties
Candidate Party Votes % 2nd Ball %
Griffith, Arthur Hill (Defeated) Ind Labor 3,608 48.96
O'Brien, William Joseph (Elected) Labor Party 3,762 51.04
Formal Votes 7,370
Informal Votes 77 1.03
Total Votes / Turnout 7,447 64.67
Notes: A senior cabinet minister on the Holman government, AH Griffith left the Labor Party in the conscription split, but did not follow Holman into the Nationalist Party. The Daily Telegraph (5 March) noted that the Nationalists chose to leave this as a contest between Labor and Independent Labor candidates. The SMH (24 March) listed him as Independent Labor and noted that Nationalist supporters should vote for him. The Worker (8 March) did not use the label Nationalist for any candidate, listing the ex-Labor members along with the Nationalists as being 'attached to the Conscriptionist Holman Liberal government'.