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Gunnedah - 1895 (Roll: 1,870)
Protectionist gain from Labor Party
Nominations: Wednesday, 17 July 1895
Candidate Party Votes Votes %
Goodwin, Thomas Henry Hall (Elected) Protectionist 649 59.05
Hutchin, Samuel Robert Labor Party 422 38.40
Rogers, John Philip Ind Free Trade 28 2.55
Formal Votes 1,099
Informal Votes 20 1.79
Total Votes / Turnout 1,119 59.84
Notes: Sitting MP John Kirkpatrick did not contest the election. Goodwin was listed as a Independent Ministerialist in the SMH, but all other sources listed him as an Opposition candidate, and both the Telegraph and Star included him in the list of selected Protectionists. Rogers was listed in some sources as a Ministerial candidate, but was not a selected candidate. Hughes and Graham (1975) lists both candidates as Free Traders.