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Macquarie - 1894 (Roll: 2,259)
Won by Free Trade
Nominations: Thursday, 12 July 1894
No absolute majority for winning candidate
Candidate Party Votes Votes %
Brown, Henry Gyles Ind Free Trade 60 3.64
Hughes, John Ind Protectionist 174 10.55
Hurley, William Fergus Protectionist 542 32.85
Skelton, John Osborn Marshall Labor Party 237 14.36
Tonkin, James Ebenezer (Re-elected) Free Trade 637 38.61
Formal Votes 1,650
Informal Votes 28 1.67
Total Votes / Turnout 1,678 74.28
Notes: Tonkin was a sitting MP for East Macquarie. Several sources refer to Hughes as a Protectionist Labor candidate, but he does not appear in either the Australian Workman or Worker, and has been listed here as an Independent Protectionist.