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Gloucester - 1894 (Roll: 2,163)
Won by Protectionist
Nominations: Tuesday, 10 July 1894
Candidate Party Votes Votes %
Ellingworth, William Ind Labor 29 1.60
Hart, John Shadrach (Defeated) Free Trade 591 32.60
McKinnon, Donald McLeod Ind Protectionist 109 6.01
Price, Richard Atkinson (Elected) Protectionist 1,084 59.79
Formal Votes 1,813
Informal Votes 20 1.09
Total Votes / Turnout 1,833 84.74
Notes: Ellingworth appeared as a Labor candidate in the general candidate listings of all daily papers, but did not appear as a selected candidate, or as a candidate in either the Australian Workman or The Worker. He is listed here as an Independent Labor candidate, additional to the listings in the Australian Workman.Absent from relevant Labor sources, he has been listed here as an Independent.