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Glebe - 1894 (Roll: 2,501)
Won by Free Trade
Nominations: Saturday, 14 July 1894
No absolute majority for winning candidate
Candidate Party Votes Votes %
Cary, William Ind Free Trade 84 4.01
Clune, John Labor Party 124 5.92
Conlon, Michael Joseph Protectionist 438 20.91
Eager, Arthur Geoffrey Ind Free Trade 248 11.84
Hogue, James Alexander (Elected) Free Trade 786 37.52
Houghton, Thomas John (Defeated) Ind Labor 415 19.81
Formal Votes 2,095
Informal Votes 37 1.74
Total Votes / Turnout 2,132 85.25
Notes: Houghton was elected as a Labor MP for Balmain at the 1891 election. He was absent from the lists of Labor and Independent Labor candidates in the Australian Workman, but was was listed as a Labor candidate in the Worker on 30 June and as a modified pledge Labor candidate in the 7 July Brisbane Worker. He is shown here as an additional Independent Labor candidate to the accepted list from Workman.
Corrections: Hughes and Graham (1975) list Houghton as Protectionist Labor, the affiliation in both the Daily Telegraph and the Town and Country Journal. Given other listings, Independent Labor is the affiliation adopted here.