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Darlington - 1894 (Roll: 2,565)
Won by Ind Labor
Nominations: Saturday, 14 July 1894
No absolute majority for winning candidate
Candidate Party Votes Votes %
Davis, David Protectionist 544 25.20
Manuell, William Henry Free Trade 771 35.71
Schey, William Francis (Re-elected) Ind Labor 844 39.09
Formal Votes 2,159
Informal Votes 27 1.24
Total Votes / Turnout 2,186 85.22
Notes: Schey was a sitting MP for Redfern. He does not appear in the SMH list of selected Labor candidates (16 July) and the Australian Workman lists him as Independent Labor, the affiliation adopted here. He is listed as a Labor candidate in the Worker (30 June) but a modified pledge Labor candidate in the 7 July Brisbane Worker.
Corrections: Hughes and Graham (1975) list Schey as a Labor candidate. While associated with the Labor Party at various stages of his career, he was not elected with Labor Party endorsment. He was not an official Protectionist candidate in 1894, though he was at other elections.