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The Barwon - 1894 (Roll: 1,634)
Won by Protectionist
Nominations: Monday, 9 July 1894
Multiple party endorsement, No absolute majority for winning candidate
Candidate Party Votes Votes %
Griffin, Pratrick Ind Protectionist 2 0.16
Macdonell, Donald Ind Labor 505 40.27
Machattie, Richard Randolph Free Trade 104 8.29
Parker, Langloh Ind Free Trade 93 7.42
Rosa, Samuel Albert Labor Party 43 3.43
Willis, William Nicholas (Re-elected) Protectionist 507 40.43
Formal Votes 1,254
Informal Votes 26 2.03
Total Votes / Turnout 1,280 78.34
Notes: Willis was a sitting MP for Bourke. Rosa was not in the SMH list of selected Labor candidates (16 July) but was listed in the Australian Workman as an official Labor candidate. He had not been listed in the Worker by 7 July. The general listing of candidates in the SMH, Star and Town and Country Journal listed Donald Macdonnell (variously spelt) as a Labor candidate, while the Daily Telegraph listed him as Independent Labor. See letter published in Worker (18 August, p2. col.2) for an explanation of his candidacy. He is listed here as an Independent Labor candidate. Names taken from Elections and Qualifications Committee report, LAVP 1894-6, Vol.1 p.897.