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Mudgee - 1880 (Roll: 4,443) - 3 to be elected
Nominations: Thursday, 25 November 1880, Polling: Wednesday, 1 December 1880
Candidate Votes Votes %
Terry, Samuel Henry (Re-elected 1) 1,790 25.01
Beyers, Hugo Louis (Re-elected 2) 1,754 24.50
Buchanan, David (Elected 3) 1,492 20.84
O'Connor, Joseph Graham 1,063 14.85
Rouse, Richard 1,059 14.79
Formal Votes 7,158
Informal Votes 0 0.00
Total Votes / Estimated Turnout 7,158 53.70
Notes: District granted a second and third member by the 1880 Electoral Act. SH Terry was MP for New England while HL Byers was MP for Goldfields West. David Buchanan was a sitting MP for Mudgee in the previous parliament, but he is not shown as a sitting MP as he had already been defeated contesting West Sydney.
Source: Very brief mention of nominations, SMH 26 November 1880, p.3 col.3, results published SMH 3 December, p.3 col.3, with report of official declaration 7 December p.3 col.5 simply referring to the previously published figures. Total of persons voting not available from Statistical Register.