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Lismore - By-election (Roll: 17,457)
Labor Party gain from Country Party
Nominations: Friday, 21 August 1959, Polling: Saturday, 12 September 1959
Multiple party endorsement, Preferences required, Preferences counted to completion
Candidate Party Votes % Final %
Campbell, Clyde John Country Party 2,575 16.05
Compton, Keith Clive (Elected) Labor Party 7,563 47.15 8,312 51.82
Easter, Jack Stuart (Defeated) Country Party 5,903 36.80 7,729 48.18
Formal Votes 16,041
Informal Votes 89 0.55
Total Votes / Turnout 16,130 92.40
Cause Category: Court Decision
Notes: Caused by a Court of Disputed Returns judgment following the two vote victory of Jack Easter at the 1959 state election. While he contested the state election as an Independent, C.J.Campbell was endorsed as a second Country Party candidate for the by-election. Rivalry between the competing Country party candidates, who represented different parts of the electorate, produced a leakage of preferences sufficient to elect Labor's Keith Compton.

Distribution of Preferences
Exclusion 1
Campbell (CP)
PreferencesNew Totals
Campbell (CP) -2575
Compton (ALP) 749 29.09 8312 51.82
Easter (CP) 1826 70.91 7729 48.18