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Upper Hunter - By-election (Roll: n.a.)
Ind Country gain from Nationalist
Nominations: Tuesday, 26 May 1931, Polling: Saturday, 13 June 1931
Not contested by both major parties, Preferences required, Preferences counted to completion
Candidate Party Votes % Final %
Brown, Malcolm (Elected) Ind Country 3,964 34.72 6,078 52.52
Forsyth, Percy Reginald Ind Labor 2,173 19.03
McMullin, Alister Maxwell Nationalist 5,216 45.68 5,494 47.48
Richards, William David Glanllyn Communist 65 0.57
Formal Votes 11,418
Informal Votes 406 3.43
Total Votes / Turnout 11,824 0.00
Cause Category: Death
Notes: Caused by the death of sitting Nationalist MP William Cameron. Under the Coalition agreement, the Nationalist were entitled to the seat, so while the winning candidate Malcolm Brown ran with support from local Country party branches, he did not receive the offical endorsement of the Country Party or its leadership. However, Brown joined the Country Party once he entered Parliament.
Source: Results SMH 20 June p.13 col.7

Distribution of Preferences
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