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Sydney-Flinders - 1895 (Roll: 1,798)
Protectionist gain from Independent
Nominations: Saturday, 20 July 1895
No absolute majority for winning candidate
Candidate Party Votes Votes %
Buckley, John Patrick Labor Party 118 11.39
George, Eden Ind Free Trade 11 1.06
Nelson, Arthur David (Elected) Protectionist 333 32.14
Waine, John Charles Free Trade 278 26.83
Wise, Bernhard Ringrose (Defeated) Independent 296 28.57
Formal Votes 1,036
Informal Votes 14 1.33
Total Votes / Turnout 1,050 58.40
Notes: Wise had been elected as a Free Trader, but according to his ADB entry, earnt the ire of his party for not backing the government when Parkes and Dibbs combined to try and engineer the defeat of the Reid government. Independent seems the most appropriate classifiecation.