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Sherbrooke - 1894 (Roll: 1,801)
Won by Free Trade
Nominations: Saturday, 14 July 1894
No absolute majority for winning candidate
Candidate Party Votes Votes %
Bladon, William George Ind Free Trade 63 4.72
Bursill, Samuel Ind Free Trade 231 17.29
Campbell, Donald Ind Free Trade 3 0.22
Fitzpatrick, John Charles Lucas Ind Free Trade 151 11.30
Garrard, Jacob (Re-elected) Free Trade 601 44.99
Hallen, Ambrose Protectionist 78 5.84
Pigott, Henry Robert Ind Free Trade 8 0.60
Tamsett, James Ind Protectionist 45 3.37
Wakely, Edward Stephen Ind Free Trade 61 4.57
Williamson, James Labor Party 95 7.11
Formal Votes 1,336
Informal Votes 37 2.69
Total Votes / Turnout 1,373 76.24
Notes: Garrard was a sitting MP for Central Cumberland. Williamson is included as a Labor candidate in the general lists of all papers, but is not mentioned in either the Workman or Worker. He is included here as an Independent Labor candidate. The Australian Workman lists J C L Fitzpatrick as an Independent Labor candidate before and after the election. He is listed as a Free Trade supporter in every other source, and given his long career in state parliament never involved the Labor Party, the affiliation Independent Free Trade seems more appropriate.