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Bingara - 1894 (Roll: 2,021)
Won by Free Trade
Nominations: Tuesday, 10 July 1894
Candidate Party Votes Votes %
Buist, Robert Ind Free Trade 96 6.42
Clark, Herbert Humphrey Cripps Ind Free Trade 111 7.42
Dowel, William Springthorpe (Defeated) Protectionist 533 35.63
Jones, Thomas Ind Labor 5 0.33
Moore, Samuel Wilkinson (Elected) Free Trade 751 50.20
Formal Votes 1,496
Informal Votes 47 3.05
Total Votes / Turnout 1,543 76.35
Notes: Dowel was a sitting MP for Tamworth. Buist was included in general lists in the SMH as a Free Trader, as Free Trade Labor in the Telegraph and Star, and as a Labor candidate in the Town and Country Journal. He did not appear in either the Workman or Worker and has been listed here as an Independent Free Trade candidate. Jones is listed as an Independent Labor candidate in line with listings in the Australian Workman.
Corrections: Hughes and Graham (1975) list Buist as a Free Trade Labor candidate, and Clarke as a Free Trader.