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Redfern - By-election (Roll: 9,604)
Protectionist gain from Free Trade
Nominations: Thursday, 4 July 1889, Polling: Monday, 8 July 1889
Candidate Party Votes Votes %
Anderson, George Free Trade 2,890 49.78
Schey, William Francis (Elected) Protectionist 2,915 50.22
Formal Votes 5,805
Informal Votes 69 1.17
Total Votes / Turnout 5,874 61.16
Cause Category: Death
Notes: Death of John Sutherland. On a petition from Anderson, the Elections and Qualifications Committee conducted a re-count, coming to the totals Schey 2911, Anderson 2890 with 77 informal. (LAVP 1889 Vol A1 p.795) The original newspaper totals have been used here.
Source: Report of nominations, SMH 5 July 1889, p.3 col.6-7, results from SMH 9 July, p.7 col.8, includes booth results.