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East Sydney - By-election (Roll: 10,037)
Protectionist gain from Free Trade
Nominations: Friday, 10 April 1891, Polling: Tuesday, 14 April 1891
Candidate Party Votes Votes %
Bradley, Walter (Elected) Protectionist 1,502 37.34
Cotton, Francis Ind Labor 1,188 29.54
Pulsford, Edward Free Trade 1,332 33.12
Formal Votes 4,022
Informal Votes 55 1.35
Total Votes / Turnout 4,077 40.62
Cause Category: Death
Notes: Death of J R Street. Reports of the close of nominations report rowdy scenes, as politics at the time was dominated by a series of major strikes and also the emerging Federation issue. Where later in the decade Federation became the new cause of Protectionists like Edmund Barton, in 1891 it was the new crusade of Henry Parkes. In this by-election, Pulsford labelled himself Free Trade and Federalist on the hustings, and Bradley a Protectionist and anti-Federal. Both had to deal with rowdy interjections about the strikes, and while the Labor Party did not have an 'official' candidate, Frank Cotton clearly identified himself as representing the labour interest. He was to be one of the Labor MPs elected two months later at the 1891 general election.
Source: Report of nominations, SMH 11 April 1891, p.5 col.7-8, results from SMH 15 April, p.8 col.1