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Central Cumberland - By-election (Roll: 9,806)
Retained by Free Trade
Nominations: Saturday, 15 June 1889, Polling: Saturday, 22 June 1889
Candidate Party Votes Votes %
Brodie, William Alfred Free Trade 468 11.31
Dale, David (Elected) Free Trade 1,985 47.98
Gee, Alban Protectionist 1,657 40.05
Taylor, Thomas Whitford Free Trade 27 0.65
Formal Votes 4,137
Informal Votes 97 2.29
Total Votes / Turnout 4,234 43.18
Cause Category: Death
Notes: Death of J R Linsley. Reports of the nominations indicate Dale was the 'official' Free Trade candidate, while Bridie was a local Free Trader. TW Taylor withdrew from the contest before polling day. Comment in the Daily Telegraph, 22 June, p.6 col.2, suggested that it would be wise if Mr Brodie did the same to ensure the Protectionist candidate did not win.
Source: Totals from Cumberland Argus, 29 June 1889, p.2 col.4-5, includes booth details. Note the totals in the booths table incorrectly show Dale on 1958. Same totals minus informal votes in SMH 24 June 1889, p.4 col.2, same totals plus booths in Daily Telegraph, 24 June, p.6 col.1. SMH report of nominations, SMH 17 June, p.3 col.5-6, story making clear that Dale was the preferred candidate of the Free Trade Association.