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Paddington - By-election (Roll: 8,381)
Protectionist gain from Free Trade
Nominations: Monday, 9 January 1888, Polling: Thursday, 12 January 1888
Candidate Party Votes Votes %
Allen, William Johnston (Elected) Protectionist 1,696 40.55
Cansdell, Charles Stuart Free Trade 192 4.59
Hellmrich, Charles Free Trade 1,682 40.22
Knapp, Edward J H Free Trade 612 14.63
Formal Votes 4,182
Informal Votes 98 2.29
Total Votes / Turnout 4,280 51.07
Cause Category: LC Appointment
Notes: Appointment of W J Trickett to the Legislative Council on 23 December. After the election, the Elections and Qualifications Committee re-counted the votes, rejecting 114 votes as informal and producing the totals Allen 1689, Hellmrich 1653, Knapp 608, Cansdell 191. (LAVP 1887-88, Vol A1 p.891)
Source: Report of nominations, SMH 10 January 1888, p.5 col.2-3, results 13 January, p.4 col.3. There were a number of reports in the campaign and on nomination day over splits within the Free Trade forces as to who should be the candidate.