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The Murrumbidgee - 1887 (Roll: 7,936) - 3 to be elected
Elected - Protectionist (2), Ind Free Trade 1
Nominations: Wednesday, 16 February 1887, Polling: Thursday, 24 February 1887
Candidate Party Votes Votes %
Reynolds, Robert Henry Free Trade 1,310 18.55
Gormly, James (Re-elected 1) Protectionist 2,226 31.52
Gale, John (Elected 2) Protectionist 1,897 26.86
Dibbs, George Richard (Re-elected 3) Ind Free Trade 1,630 23.08
Formal Votes 7,063
Informal Votes 31 0.44
Total Votes / Estimated Turnout 7,094 30.06
Persons Voting / Turnout 3,214 40.50
Notes: A T Bolton did not re-contest. George Dibbs was the biggest party classification conundrum at the 1887 election. A Free Trader, he was also opposed to Parkes and supported Jennings, and both the SMH and DT list him as a Free Trade Oppositionist. He was soon to switch to being a Protectionist, bringing his political philosophy into line with his opposition to Parkes. He has been classified here as a Independent Free Trader as a result.
Source: SMH 2 March 1887, p.10 col.5, includes booth results. Incomplete returns published in election summary 28 February 1887, p.12 col.4.