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West Macquarie - 1887 (Roll: 1,109)
Won by Free Trade
Nominations: Monday, 14 February 1887, Polling: Thursday, 17 February 1887
Candidate Party Votes Votes %
Crick, William Patrick Protectionist 255 36.22
Hughes, John Protectionist 109 15.48
Smith, Fergus Jago (Elected) Free Trade 340 48.30
Formal Votes 704
Informal Votes 8 1.12
Total Votes / Turnout 712 64.20
Persons Voting / Turnout 712 64.20
Notes: Lewis Lloyd did not contest the election.
Source: Year-Book of Australia (1888). Different totals published SMH 18 February 1887, p.3 col.1 including booth results, republished in election summary, 28 February, p.12 col. 2. Both SMH sources gave Crick 252 votes, but the Year-Book totals have been used as they match the formal vote totals published in the Statistical Register.
Corrections: SMH reports a total of 682 votes, which does not match the totals in the table of results published. Slight discrepancy from total votes reported in Statistical Register.