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Balranald - 1887 (Roll: 4,036) - 2 to be elected
Elected - Ind Free Trade (1), Ind Protectionist 1
Nominations: Monday, 14 February 1887, Polling: Thursday, 24 February 1887
Candidate Party Votes Votes %
Wilkinson, Robert Bliss (Re-elected 2) Ind Free Trade 777 33.15
Lakeman, Allen (Elected 1) Ind Protectionist 946 40.36
Cameron, A L P Independent 621 26.49
Formal Votes 2,344
Informal Votes 43 1.80
Total Votes / Estimated Turnout 2,387 30.10
Persons Voting / Turnout 1,589 39.37
Notes: John Cramsie did not re-contest. Statistical Register records only an approximate value for the number of persons voting.
Source: SMH 3 March 1887, p.7 col.5, reporting the declaration of poll. These totals used in preference to Year-Book of Australia (1888), which gave Wilkinson 737 votes and Cameron 611. Note that Incomplete results were published in the SMH election summary, 28 February 1887, p.12 col.4. Incomplete booth results were published SMH 25 February, p.5 col.2.
Corrections: Party labels have been a problem with this district. The SMH listed Lakeman as a Protectionist Independent, the DT a Protectionist Ministerial. Both listed Wilkinson as a Free Trade Opposition member, while Cameron was listed as an Independent or unkown until and in the DTs final listing when he was labelled a Free Trade Ministerial. With this confusion, none of the candidates has been firmly aligned with either side.