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Gunnedah - 1880 (Roll: 1,916)
Nominations: Tuesday, 23 November 1880, Polling: Monday, 29 November 1880
Candidate Votes Votes %
Abbott, Joseph Palmer (Elected) 714 61.13
Browne, Thomas Harvey 454 38.87
Formal Votes 1,168
Informal Votes 30 2.50
Total Votes / Turnout 1,198 62.53
Persons Voting / Turnout 1,198 62.53
Source: Report of nominations, SMH 25 November 1880, p.3 col.4, which includes the sad story of S.Donaldson who tried to pay his forty pound deposit under the legislation by cheque, only to discover it had to be in cash and the nominations were held after the banks had closed. Longer report of nominations, Maitland Mercury 27 Novewmber, p.3 col.4-6. Report of official result declaration published, SMH 8 December, p.3 col.5, though note the election summary on the same day in column 4 re-printed the incorrect total for Browne of 450 votes, originally published SMH 3 December, the day booth results were also published. The totals used here plus full booth results published in Maitland Mercury 4 December, p.4 col.4.