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Carcoar - By-election (Roll: 2,689)
Nominations: Thursday, 24 November 1881, Polling: Thursday, 1 December 1881
Candidate Votes Votes %
Baker, Ezekiel Alexander (Defeated) 610 41.90
Campbell, George (Elected) 846 58.10
Formal Votes 1,456
Informal Votes 55 3.64
Total Votes / Turnout 1,511 56.19
Cause Category: Expulsion
Notes: See Baker's ADB entry for background to the Milburn Creek copper mine affair. This led to a Royal Commission where Baker was found to have improperly dealt with disbursments while trustee of a fund associated with the matter. The Parliament moved his expulsion as a result, initiating this by-election.
Source: Totals from Carcoar Chronicle, 3 December 1881, p.2 col.3-4. SMH 5 December 1991, p.3 col.8 had same results including booth details, except Campbell on 844 votes.