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East Sydney - By-election (Roll: 14,019)
Nominations: Monday, 15 December 1879, Polling: Wednesday, 17 December 1879
Candidate Votes Votes %
Dalveen, Thomas Macdonald 28 0.37
Dowie, John Alexander 147 1.94
Renwick, Arthur (Elected) 4,663 61.47
Tooth, Robert Lucas 2,748 36.22
Formal Votes 7,586
Informal Votes 82 1.07
Total Votes / Turnout 7,668 54.70
Cause Category: Resignation - Government Job
Notes: Resignation of Alexander Stuart, who was appointed Agent-General in London. However, Stuart was in finacial difficulties at the time, and unable to resolve them and take up the post at the same time, resigned without ever having left the colony. (See Stuart's ADB entry)
Source: Report of nominations, SMH 16 December 1879, p.3 col.1-5, results 18 December, p.3 col.6. Informal votes taken from Evening News, 18 December, p.2 col.7.