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Gold Fields West - 1869-70 (Roll: 6,000)
Nominations: Wednesday, 15 December 1869, Polling: Monday, 10 January 1870
Candidate Votes Votes %
Church, Walter (Re-elected) 814 64.60
Eagar, Geoffrey 389 30.87
Redman, William 57 4.52
Formal Votes 1,260
Informal Votes 0 0.00
Total Votes / Turnout 1,260 21.00
Persons Voting / Turnout 1,276 21.27
Notes: Newspapers refer to G.Eager, and it has been presumed this is Geoffrey Eager, who had already been defeated contesting West Sydney. The discrepancy in votes is presumed to be unreported informal votes.
Source: Bathurst Times, 15 January 1870, p.2 col.2 including booths, reporting declaration of poll. Also published Empire, 13 January 1870, p.2 col.5 reporting 'final result and SMH 13 January, p.4 col.6, with booth details in SMH 14 January, p.4 col.5. These other reports had Church on 810 votes, but the Bathurst Times total of 814 has been used as it matches the winning candidate totals later published in parliamentary papers.