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Braidwood - By-election (Roll: 3,036)
Nominations: Monday, 10 October 1870, Polling: Monday, 17 October 1870
Candidate Votes Votes %
Greville, Edward (Elected) 1,065 51.42
Kelly, Michael William (Defeated) 1,006 48.58
Formal Votes 2,071
Informal Votes 37 1.76
Total Votes / Turnout 2,108 69.43
Cause Category: Qualifications Committee
Notes: Caused by over-turning of general election result because of intimation on polling booths in Araluen. See LAVP 1870-1, Vol A1 p.1165
Source: Goulburn Herald, results in report of poll declaration, 22 October 1870, p.5 col.1-2, includes booths, though the absence of page 3 and 4 from this issue means the first half of the report is missing. Slightly different totals reported in the SMH, 19 October 1870, p.4 col.6, reporting the 'result of the election' and including booth results.