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Parramatta - By-election (Roll: 1,221)
Nominations: Monday, 8 April 1861, Polling: Wednesday, 10 April 1861
Candidate Votes Votes %
Holroyd, Arthur Todd (Elected) 275 49.11
Kemp, Charles 244 43.57
West, John Harrington 41 7.32
Formal Votes 560
Informal Votes 0 0.00
Total Votes / Turnout 560 45.86
Persons Voting / Turnout 560 45.86
Cause Category: Resignation - Other
Notes: Caused by the resignation of James Byrnes, who resigned from Parliament on 26 March before taking his seat after the 1860 election. According to the entry for Byrnes in the ADB, he resigned unhappy at the general election result. At the declaration of the poll, rather than thank voters for electing him, he upbraided them for placing him second behind John Lackey.
Source: SMH, report of nominations 9 April 1861, p.5 col.1-5. results 11 April, p. 4, col. 5 reporting 'result of the polling'.