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Secondary programs

Secondary programs

All education programs at the Parliament of NSW are focused on NSW curriculum requirements addressing outcomes from a number of syllabus documents. During a visit to the Parliament, students will engage in civics and citizenship education, learning about the procedures of parliament, the growth and processes of democracy in NSW and within the Australian federal system. 

A range of in-depth education seminars and workshops are offered to secondary and tertiary students throughout the year, with many involving participation from Members. ​
Secondary Student Leadership Program
Year 12 student leaders (Secondary School Captains) from all NSW secondary schools are invited to attend a leadership day conducted at the Parliament, including a visit to Government House to meet the Governor. The six separate dates scheduled in Terms 1 & 2 are usually on sitting days to facilitate the participation of Members, and all dates must be confirmed with the Governor.  Schools are invited in their electorates and are normally notified by email at the beginning of the school year. In 2019 the Secondary School Leadership Program will be conducted in May and June, however due to the NSW State Election on 23 March 2019, the exact dates for the program will be decided once Sitting Dates are available, and schools will then be notified as soon as possible.

Make A Difference Day
A Year 10 civics and citizenship program called Make a Difference Day aims to provide students with an opportunity to explore how Australian democracy works and how they can engage as informed and active citizens in their schools and communities. A keynote address is followed by facilitated small group discussions. There will be two dates offered during each school year – schools will be encouraged to nominate two Year 10 students to attend and an invitation will be sent by email.

Young Women’s Leadership Program
Two year 11 students will be invited according to Sydney school electorates across three separate dates during the year. This half-day workshop for Year 11 girls includes a keynote speaker, panel of women MPs and a discussion on issues around leadership and women. Schools will be invited by email.

New South Wales State Constitutional Convention 
All secondary NSW schools are invited to nominate one Year 11 student who will then be required to submit an application to attend the convention. One hundred students are selected annually to participate in this program. This one-day convention is part of a national program for Year 11 students to consider issues relating to the Australian Constitution. A keynote address is followed by facilitated small group discussions. Participants then vote in a referendum on the issues discussed. Students peer-select 30 delegates, to attend a national convention held early in the following year in Canberra, with delegates from all other states and territories. Schools will be invited to participate by email at the beginning of Term 3.