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Civics and Citizenship Links

Civics and Citizenship Links

​​​One role of the Parliamentary Education Section is to support Civics and Citizenship Education and other relevant curriculum areas in schools. The websites linked below offer information and resources for teaching and learning in civics and citizenship education. ​

Civics and Citizenship
A major portal providing direct links to many Civics and Citizenship Education curriculum resources and information is the Australian Government site Civics and Citizenship Education at: http://www.civicsandcitizenshi


New South Wales:
The full text of the New South Wales Constitution can be found on the Austlii site at: http://www.a
The full text of the Australian Constitution can be found on the Australian Government Attorney-General’s ComLaw site: ctCompilation1.nsf/all/search/CB49A63C9DF867ACCA256F71004F2624

Western Australia has the only Constitutional Education Centre in Australia and, while obviously also dealing with state issues, it also examines the Federal system:

Head Of State
Australia is a Constitutional Monarchy with the Governor-General (nationally) and the State Governors representing the Queen in Australia. The following sites provide information:

Australia has a Federal Parliament, six State Parliaments and three Territory legislatures (NT, ACT and Norfolk Island)
 A very useful site with information designed for school use is the Parliamentary Education Office (Australian Parliament) in Canberra, ACT at

Information about New South Wales Members of Parliament can be found in the Members section of the Parliament of New South Wales site.

Information about Federal Members of Parliament can be found on the Australian Parliament website

An important feature of Australian democracy is the independent system of Federal, State and Territory courts and judiciary. For further information see:
Executive government
The leadership and day-to-day government of the state is the role of executive government. Both Federal and State agencies have internet sites and access:
  • Entry point for all Federal (or Commonwealth) Government homepages of departments and agencies are at
  • NSW State Government links to homepages of departments and agencies are at
  • To access the sites of all Australian Federal, State and Local governments see:

Local government
  To access the sites of Australian local governments see:

Free and fair elections for all levels of government is a central feature of Australian democracy. The elections are conducted by independent statutory authorities. Most of their websites have electoral education materials and other information.
Some other state electoral sites are: