Recruitment and training of teachers (Inquiry)

This inquiry is a completed Legislative Council inquiry conducted by the Social Issues Committee.   This inquiry was established to inquire into the recruitment and training of teachers.

Legislative Council Committee Report Debate, 8 November 2005
Legislative Council Committee Report Debate, 6 September 2006
Legislative Council Committee Report Debate, 20 September 2006
Legislative Council Committee Report Debate, 27 September 2006

Timeline (click to show)

Referred: 9 Dec 2004
    » Call for submissions: 14 Jan 2005
    » Submissions close: 21 Feb 2005
        » Final Report Due: 30 Nov 2005
        » Final Report Published: 25 Oct 2005

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DateName of Document
16/03/2005Public Hearing
17/03/2005Public Hearing
08/04/2005Public Hearing
27/04/2005Public Hearing
14/06/2005Public Hearing

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View the public submission(s) published by the committee in relation to this inquiry.

The closing date for submissions was 21 February 2005

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This is a completed inquiry. The contacts below are historical only.

  • Primary contact: Rachel Simpson, phone (02) 9230 3464,
  • Senior Council Officer: Victoria Pymm, phone (02) 9230 3056
  • Assistant Council Officer: Natasha O'Connor, phone (02) 9230 2412
  • Address for written correspondence:
    The Director
    Standing Committee on Social Issues
    Parliament House
    Macquarie St
    Sydney NSW 2000

Inquiry Terms of Reference (click to show)

Terms of reference.pdf