Legislative Council Standing Committee on Social Issues

This committee is inactive. Contact and Member information appearing on this page is historical only.

The Standing Committee on Social Issues is a completed standing committee of the Legislative Council, established 9 June 1988, re-established 9 May 2011, and ended 2 Mar 2015.

The Standing Committee on Social Issues was first established in the 49th Parliament by resolution of the House of 9 June 1988. The Committee was reappointed in each of the subsequent Parliaments, most recently, on 9 May 2011 for the current 55th Parliament.

Under the resolution the functions of the Committee are to inquire into and report on any proposal, matter or thing concerned with the social development of the people in all areas of New South Wales.

Key areas of concern are: issues concerned with the social development and wellbeing of the people of New South Wales, including health, education, housing, ageing, disability, children’s services and community services, and matters concerned with citizenship, sport and recreation and gaming and racing.

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Chair: The Hon. Niall BLAIR (Nat, LC Member).
Deputy Chair: The Hon. Helen WESTWOOD (ALP, LC Member).
Members:Ms Jan BARHAM (The Greens, LC Member)
 The Hon. Greg DONNELLY (ALP, LC Member)
 The Hon. Charlie LYNN (Lib, LC Member)
 The Hon. Natasha MACLAREN-JONES (Lib, LC Member)

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Main contactMr Stewart Smith  socialissues@parliament.nsw.gov.au

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NSW Parliament, Macquarie Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Terms of Reference establishing Committee (click to show)

Resolution passed 9 May 2011, Minutes No 5, Item 11

110509 Standing Committees Resolution at 9 May 2011.pdf

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The Standing Committee on Social Issues of the 55th Parliament tabled its Legacy report on 12 November 2014.

Social Issues - Legacy Report 2014.pdfSocial Issues - Legacy Report 2014.pdf


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