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      The monthly sitting day calendar on the homepage not only conveys information about the days on which Parliament sits, but also provides single-click access to all Hansard and House papers for a sitting day.
        • Links - Sitting days are represented as links. The links open a page containing details of all available Hansard and House Paper documents relevant to that sitting day.
        • If the current day is a sitting day, that day's page also contains a link to the live webcast of proceedings.
        • Significance of Colour - Sitting days are identified both visually using a coloured cell background, and also for screen readers with hidden text codes which follow the day number. The colour and hidden text codes for sitting days are as follows:
            C    ...Legislative Council sitting day (red cell background, hidden text code C)
            A    ...Legislative Assembly sitting day (green cell background, hidden text code A)
            B    ...Sitting day for both Houses (blue cell background, text code B)
        • Accessibility - The calendars are rendered in tables, with one table per month. The heading immediately preceding the table states which month the calendar covers. The cells in the table represent all the days in the month, one row per week, regardless of whether they are sitting days or not. For screen readers, hidden text codes have been used to identify sitting days within the calendar (see below).

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    PDF files - Some content on this site, such as bills, committee reports, and final versions of full day Hansard transcripts, are made available in Adobe PDF files to preserve the formatting of those documents as originally prublished. To view these files, Acrobat Reader must be installed on your system. This is free from Adobe and available from the following link: For information about Adobe Acrobat accessibility tools visit the Acrobat accessiblity page.

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