Australasian Council of Public Accounts Committees (ACPAC) Conference

Jonathan O'Dea MP, Chair, NSW Parliament Public Accounts CommitteeWelcome to the Parliament of New South Wales.
It is our great pleasure to be hosting the 2013 Australasian Council of Public Accounts Committees Conference.
We hope you will find the two days interesting and insightful. Certainly there are some fantastic speakers in the program, which can be found below, along with copies of the presentations given at the conference.

Mr Jonathan O’Dea MP
Chair, NSW Parliament Public Accounts Committee

12 April Media Release - ACPAC.pdf12 April Media Release - ACPAC.pdf

  • The Hon Michael Egan, Chancellor, Macquarie University, former NSW Treasurer (1995 - 2005) and former Chair, NSW Public Accounts Committee

  • Mr Rob Oakeshott MP, Chair, Joint Committee of Public Accounts and Audit, Australian Federal Parliament

  • Mr Des Pearson, former Auditor-General, Victoria

  • Ms Lucy Cole-Edelstein, Director, Straight Talk

  • Mr Eric Sidoti, Director, Whitlam Institute

  • Mr Peter Achterstraat, Auditor-General, NSW

  • Associate Professor Joanne Kelly, ANZ School of Government

  • Professor Zahirul Hoque, La Trobe Business School

  • Professor Sue Newberry, University of Sydney

  • Mr Grant Harrison, Deputy Director, Centre for Democratic Institutions

  • Professor Kerry Jacobs, ANU College of Business and Economics

  • Professor David Gilchrist, Curtin Business School

Presentation Topics
  • ACPAC's role in strengthening accountability in international parliaments

  • 'From Federation to Follow the dollar'

  • Engaging with the public

  • Parliamentarians v politicians

  • Statutory recognition of the Auditor-General - does it make a difference?

  • International perspectives on the role of legislatures in public financial oversight

  • The impact of the changes to the Queensland parliamentary committee system on the public accounts function

  • The relationship between Public Accounts Committees and Auditors-General

  • Public Accounts Committees and public finance: New Zealand's Finance and Expenditure Committee

  • Sovereignty of Parliament, developing the Westminster system in a political world

  • Role of Public Account Committees in the Pacific region

  • Capacity and performance in Public Accounts Committees

  • Reports from jurisdictions

Conference Program

The detailed program for the conference and opening speech by Chair, Jonathan O'Dea MP can be downloaded by clicking on the icons below:

Schedule - 2013 ACPAC Conference - Current as at 4 April 2013.pdfSchedule - 2013 ACPAC Conference - Current as at 4 April 2013.pdf

Copies of the presentations given at the conference can be found at the following links.

Presentations given at the conference.

Jurisdiction reports given at the conference.

Hard copies of the ACPAC delegates photo are also available from the committee secretariat. Please call: (02) 9230 2031 or email: