Adoption Amendment (Same Sex Couples) Bill 2010 (No 2)

  • Private Member's Bill
  • Assented on 15/09/2010 - Act No 66 of 2010 (GG No. 117, 24/09/2010, p. 4624).

Long Title

An Act to amend the Adoption Act 2000 to enable couples of the same sex to adopt children and to make related amendments to the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 and certain other legislation

Explanatory Notes

Explanatory note This explanatory note relates to this Bill as introduced into Parliament. Overview of Bill The object of this Bill is to amend the Adoption Act 2000 to allow couples of the same sex to adopt children. At present under that Act, a couple is defined to mean a man and a woman who are married or who have a de facto relationship. The Bill amends that definition, along with the definition of spouse, so that they include persons who are de facto partners. The definition of de fac...  
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See Digest 11 of 2010, dated 09/07/2010 for an examination of this Bill by the Legislation Review Committee.

Agreement in Principle/Second Reading Speeches

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Legislative Assembly Minister's
"Agreement in Principle" Speech
Legislative Council Minister's 2R Speech
LA 6610.pdf LC 6610.pdf

Tracking through the Houses

  • Initially introduced in the Legislative Assembly
  • Suspension of standing and sessional orders in the Legislative Assembly: 01/09/2010 - Introduction in the LA; 01/09/2010 - All Stages in the LA
  • Legislative Assembly: Legislative Council:
    • Member with Carriage: Moore, Clover
    • Introduced: Wed 1 Sep 2010
    • "Agreement in Principle" Speech: Wed 1 Sep 2010
    • Agreed to in Principle LA: Thu 2 Sep 2010
    • Considered in Detail: Thu 2 Sep 2010
    • Date Declared by Speaker with amendment: Thu 02 Sep 2010
    • Member with Carriage: Sharpe, Penny
    • Introduced: Tue 7 Sep 2010
    • First Reading: Tue 7 Sep 2010
    • Minister's 2R Speech: Tue 7 Sep 2010
    • Second Reading: Wed 8 Sep 2010
    • Date Committed: Wed 8 September 2010
    • Reported with amdts: 08/09/2010
    • Report Adopted: Wed 8 Sep 2010
    • Third Reading: Wed 8 Sep 2010
    • Date Passed with amdts: Wed 8 Sep 2010
    • Returned to LA: Wed 8 Sep 2010
    • LA agrees with amendments: Thu 9 Sep 2010
    • LC agrees with amendment: Thu 9 Sep 2010
    • Passed Parliament: Thu 9 Sep 2010

    Text of Bill as passed by both Houses



    • Assented: Wed 15 Sep 2010