Crimes Amendment (Zoe’s Law) Bill 2013

  • Private Member's Bill
  • In Legislative Council, 2R, 27/06/2013.
  • Lapsed on Prorogation on 08/09/2014; Debate adjourned until the next sitting day that private member's business takes precedence
  • Lapsed Prorogation: 08/09/2014
  • Stage at Prorogation: 2R
  • House at Prorogation: LC

Long Title

An Act to amend the Crimes Act 1900 to prohibit conduct that causes serious harm to or the destruction of a child in utero; and for other purposes

Text of Bill


Second Reading Speeches

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Legislative Assembly Minister's 2R Speech Legislative Council Minister's 2R Speech
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Tracking through the Houses

  • Initially introduced in the Legislative Council
Legislative Council: Legislative Assembly:
  • Member with Carriage: Nile, Fred
  • Notice of Motion: Tue 12 Jun 2012
  • Introduced: Thu 21 Feb 2013
  • First Reading: Thu 21 Feb 2013
  • Minister's 2R Speech: Thu 21 Feb 2013