Mr George William BRAIN (1893 - 1969)**

  • Date of Birth: 18/01/1893
  • Place of Birth: Picton, New South Wales, Australia
  • Date of Death: 18/01/1969
  • Place of Death: Willoughby, New South Wales, Australia

Parliamentary Service

Member of the NSW Legislative Assembly25 Sep 194323 Jan 196824yr(s) 3mth(s) 30day(s)
Member for Willoughby25 Sep 194324 Apr 19447mth(s)
33rd (1941 - 1944)
Member for Willoughby27 May 194429 Mar 19472yr(s) 10mth(s) 3day(s)
34th (1944 - 1947)
Member for Willoughby3 May 194722 May 19503yr(s) 20day(s)
35th (1947 - 1950)
Member for Willoughby17 Jun 195014 Jan 19532yr(s) 6mth(s) 29day(s)
36th (1950 - 1953)
Member for Willoughby14 Feb 19536 Feb 19562yr(s) 11mth(s) 24day(s)
37th (1953 - 1956)
Member for Willoughby3 Mar 195616 Feb 19592yr(s) 11mth(s) 14day(s)
38th (1956 - 1959)
Member for Willoughby21 Mar 19595 Feb 19622yr(s) 10mth(s) 16day(s)
39th (1950 - 1953)
Member for Willoughby3 Mar 196231 Mar 19653yr(s) 29day(s)
40th (1962 - 1965)
Member for Willoughby1 May 196523 Jan 19682yr(s) 8mth(s) 23day(s)
41st (1965 - 1968)

Political Party Activity

Liberal Party.

Qualifications, occupations and interests

Chartered Accountant. Educated at Picton and Parramatta public schools; had a variety of jobs, including clerical work with the Western Post, Mudgee whislt studying accountancy part time; employed Starkey and Starkey, public accountants in Sydney in 1915; Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, Australia (FICA); formed partnership with Brain and Noble which became Brain, Noble and Campbell in 1945; director of Beare and Ley Pty Limited, retailers, J.P Stuart Pty Ltd, retailers, McEwans Pty Ltd, retail grocers, and four terminating building societies; director of Chatswood Community Hospital; honorary secretary of Free Library Movement in 1936; president of the Monster War Carnival, Willoughby Park in 1941; honorary treasurer of New South Wales Division of Commonwealth Institute of Accountants; member of Middle Harbour progress association; New South Wales delegate to the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association congress, India in 1957; keen sportsman, president of Parliamentary Bowling Club; Freemason.

Local Government Activity

Alderman at Willoughby from 1942 until 1944.


Son of William Brain, farmer, and Charlotte Blatch. Married Paulina Merkle at Mudgee on January 1918 and they had 4 sons. Funeral at Northern Suburbs crematorium from St John's Church of England at Willoughby.

Additional Information