Mr Percival Stanley BROOKFIELD (1875 - 1921)**

  • Date of Birth: 07/08/1875
  • Place of Birth: Wavertree, Lancashire, England
  • Date of Death: 22/03/1921
  • Place of Death: Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Parliamentary Service

Member of the NSW Legislative Assembly3 Feb 191722 Mar 19214yr(s) 1mth(s) 20day(s)
Member for Sturt3 Feb 191721 Feb 191719day(s)
23rd (1913 - 1917)
Member for Sturt24 Mar 191718 Feb 19202yr(s) 10mth(s) 26day(s)
24th (1917 - 1920)
Member for Sturt20 Mar 192022 Mar 19211yr(s) 3day(s)
25th (1920 - 1922)

Political Party Activity

Australian Labor Party (ALP); resigned July 1919. Industrial Socialist labor Party

Qualifications, occupations and interests

Miner and prospector. At an early age he went to sea, spending a short time in Argentina and (contrary to an early story which stated he deserted his ship) was discharged from the 'Godiva' on 27 November 1894 in Melbourne. The Discharge Certificate from the Port of Melbourne stated that his Character for Conduct was very Good and his Character for Ability was also Very Good. From 1894 he prospected and was an underground miner in Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales. From about 1910 he settled in Broken Hill as a miner. A member of the Miner's Union; chairman of the 1916 Broken Hill Strike Committee; president of Broken Hill Labor Volunteer Army. He campaigned against conscription and was repeatedly fined. He was imprisoned in December 1916 for his refusal to pay fines. On 22 March 1921 he was fatally wounded attempting to disarm a man shooting station staff and passengers at Riverton in South Australia. His funeral was on 25 March 1921.


Son of Cuthbert Brookfield, grocer, and his wife Jane Peers. Unmarried. Buried in Broken Hill cemetery from Trades Hall.

Additional Information

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