Mr Edward Matthew HORSINGTON (1878 - 1947)**

  • Date of Birth: 02/05/1878
  • Place of Birth: Timor, Victoria, Australia
  • Date of Death: 23/07/1947
  • Place of Death: Waverley, New South Wales, Australia

Parliamentary Service

Member of the NSW Legislative Assembly20 Sep 192229 Mar 194724yr(s) 6mth(s) 10day(s)
Member for Sturt20 Sep 192218 Apr 19252yr(s) 6mth(s) 30day(s)
26th (1922 - 1925)
Member for Sturt30 May 19257 Sep 19272yr(s) 3mth(s) 9day(s)
27th (1925 - 1927)
Member for Sturt8 Oct 192713 Sep 19302yr(s) 11mth(s) 6day(s)
28th (1927 - 1930)
Member for Sturt25 Oct 193018 May 19321yr(s) 6mth(s) 24day(s)
29th (1930 - 1932)
Member for Sturt11 Jun 193212 Apr 19352yr(s) 10mth(s) 2day(s)
30th (1932 - 1935)
Member for Sturt11 May 193524 Feb 19382yr(s) 9mth(s) 14day(s)
31st (1935 - 1938)
Member for Sturt4 Mar 193818 Apr 19413yr(s) 1mth(s) 15day(s)
32nd (1938 - 1941)
Member for Sturt10 May 194124 Apr 19442yr(s) 11mth(s) 15day(s)
33rd (1941 - 1944)
Member for Sturt28 Apr 194429 Mar 19472yr(s) 11mth(s) 2day(s)
34th (1944 - 1947)
Secretary for Lands and Minister for Forests27 May 192718 Oct 19274mth(s) 22day(s)

Political Party Activity

Australian Labor Party (ALP). Expelled in 1936, readmitted; joined Heffron group after 1938 election.

Community Activity

Commissioned as a Justice of the Peace in 1914

Qualifications, occupations and interests

Drover and union secretary. Educated at Maryborough in Victoria. Drover and miner in Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia and for many years at Broken Hill; secretary of Broken Hill branch of the Federated Engine Drivers and Firemen's Association from 1912 until 1922; director of Broken Hill Hospital


Son of John Waygood, farmer and fencing contractor, and Julia Farrell. Married Rosalie S. Bryksky on 31 December 1906 and had issue, 1 daughter. Roman Catholic. Burial at South Head cemetery from St Patrick's Roman Catholic church in Waverley.

Additional Information