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Mr Joseph Alexander LAWSON (1893 - 1973)**

  • Date of Birth: 27/07/1893
  • Place of Birth: Kanyapella, Victoria, Australia
  • Date of Death: 14/08/1973
  • Place of Death: North Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Parliamentary Service

Member of the NSW Legislative Assembly11 Jun 193214 Aug 197341yr(s) 2mth(s) 4day(s)
Member for Murray11 Jun 193212 Apr 19352yr(s) 10mth(s) 2day(s)
30th (1932 - 1935)
Member for Murray11 May 193524 Feb 19382yr(s) 9mth(s) 14day(s)
31st (1935 - 1938)
Member for Murray26 Mar 193818 Apr 19413yr(s) 24day(s)
32nd (1938 - 1941)
Member for Murray10 May 194124 Apr 19442yr(s) 11mth(s) 15day(s)
33rd (1941 - 1944)
Member for Murray27 May 194429 Mar 19472yr(s) 10mth(s) 3day(s)
34th (1944 - 1947)
Member for Murray3 May 194722 May 19503yr(s) 20day(s)
35th (1947 - 1950)
Member for Murray17 Jun 195014 Jan 19532yr(s) 6mth(s) 29day(s)
36th (1950 - 1953)
Member for Murray14 Feb 19536 Feb 19562yr(s) 11mth(s) 24day(s)
37th (1953 - 1956)
Member for Murray3 Mar 195616 Feb 19592yr(s) 11mth(s) 14day(s)
38th (1956 - 1959)
Member for Murray21 Mar 19595 Feb 19622yr(s) 10mth(s) 16day(s)
39th (1950 - 1953)
Member for Murray3 Mar 196231 Mar 19653yr(s) 29day(s)
40th (1962 - 1965)
Member for Murray1 May 196523 Jan 19682yr(s) 8mth(s) 23day(s)
41st (1965 - 1968)
Member for Murray24 Feb 196813 Jan 19712yr(s) 10mth(s) 21day(s)
42nd (1968 - 1971)
Member for Murray13 Feb 197114 Aug 19732yr(s) 6mth(s) 2day(s)
43rd (1971 - 1973)

Political Party Activity

Country Party, councillor in 1933.

Qualifications, occupations and interests

Farmer and grazier. Educated at Deniliquin public school. Had mixed farming property near Deniliquin; secretary of Deniliquin branch in 1923. Farmers and Settlers Association, member of executive council from 1930 until 1931, vice president in 1932; member of Australian Wheatgrowers Federation in 1931; director of Deniliquin Hospital Board; member of Pastures Protection Board; member of Victorian Producers Co-operative Society in Deniliquin in 1923; noted athlete in youth.

Local Government Activity

Alderman at Deniliquin from 1925 until 1932, Mayor from 1931 until 1932


Son of James Lawson, carrier, and Mary Beattie. Married Mary Linus Gain, daughter of George Gain on 12 June 1917 and had issue, 3 daughters and 2 sons. Presbyterian. Funeral at Northern Suburbs Lawn cemetery from St Stephen's Presbyterian church in Macquarie Street, Sydney. His daughter, Mary Meillon, succeeded him as the Member of the Legislative Assembly for the seat of Murray.

Additional Information

Papers in the Charles Sturt University Regional Archives: http://www.csu.edu.au/research/archives/collection/regional/records/political