Mr Charles CAMPBELL (1810 - 1888)**

  • Date of Birth: 20/09/1810
  • Place of Birth: At Sea
  • Date of Death: 23/10/1888
  • Place of Death: Inverness, Scotland

Parliamentary Service

Member of the NSW Legislative Council1 Feb 187023 Oct 188818yr(s) 8mth(s) 23day(s)
Life Appointment under the Constitution Act. Date of Writ of Summons 25 January 1870.

Community Activity

Member of the Board of Governors of The King's School, Parramatta.

Qualifications, occupations and interests

Lawyer (barrister). Initial occupation was a pastoralist. Educated by classical scholars in Sydney and then at the schools of Mr Reddall and Reverend F. Wilkinson, with further private tuition. Obtained an outstanding knowledge of Latin, Greek and comparative religions. From 1829 to 1835 travelled in Europe. Purchased land and also managed Duntroon for his father and Ginninderra for his father-in-law. Placed a deposit on his father-in-law's property the year he married his wife. In the 1840's, he brought Scottish shepherds to Australia who had lost their property in Scotland after being ruined by drought. At Duntroon, where he lived until 1853, he built cottages for his employees and gave the heads of families two acres on which to grow fruit and vegetables and keep a cow. On his father's behalf, he organised the building of a school and churches. Managed the property after his father's death in 1846. In 1854, travelled to England where he became a barrister. He practised in New South Wales and became an examiner for the Bar. His older brothers John and Robert and his nephew William Robert Campbell were all members of the Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council. His brother John was a Member of the Legislative Assembly for the Sydney Hamlets in the first Parliament and for the Glebe in the second and third Parliaments. He was appointed to the Legislative Council in 1856 and again from 1861 until his death in 1886. His brother Robert was an elected member of the old Legislative Council; member of the Legislative Assembly for Sydney (City) in the first Parliament and for Sydney in the second. He was twice Colonial Treasurer. His nephew William Robert was a member of the Legislative Assembly for West Sydney in the fifth Parliament; and for The Gwydir in the 10th to 12th Parliaments. He was a member of the Legislative Council from 1890, until his death in 1906.


Third son of Robert, a merchant, and Sophia, nee Palmer. Married Catherine Irene Palmer in 1837 and had issue, 5 children. Church of England.

Additional Information

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