Mr Peter James BREEN, DipLaw (1947 - )**

  • Date of Birth: 04/11/1947

Parliamentary Service

Member of the NSW Legislative Council27 Mar 199923 Mar 20077yrs 11mths 25days
Legislation Review Committee7 May 200311 Nov 2003
Committee on the Office of the Ombudsman and the Police Integrity Commission7 May 20032 Mar 20073yrs 9mths 24days
Member, Committee on the Office of the Ombudsman and Police Integrity Commission20 May 20037 Jun 20063yrs 19days
Member, General Purpose Standing Committee No. 310 Jul 20037 Jun 20062yrs 10mths 29days
Member, Joint Select Committee Upon Victims Compensation199928 Feb 2003
Member, Committee on the Office of the Ombudsman and Police Integrity Commission199928 Feb 2003
Member, Standing Committee on Law and Justice199928 Feb 2003
Legislative Council Representative on the Council of the Southern Cross University7 May 2003

Political Party Activity

President, Liberal Party Campbelltown (Young Liberals) 1971 - 72. Secretary, Australian Bill of Rights Group 1995 - 98. Secretary, Reform the Legal System 1998 - 2006. Joined the Australian Labor Party on 5 May 2006 with resignation taking effect from 18 July 2006.

Qualifications, occupations and interests

Solicitors' Admission Board and Diploma of Law (Sydney University). NSW Chairman - Australian Small Business Association 1984. Chairman - Gateway Mining Ltd 1994 - 97. Interested in human rights issues, law reform and access to justice.

Additional Information

Publications - "The Book of Letters"- Allen & Unwin 1985 -98; "Holding on to the Dream" - Cape Byron Press 1994 and "Advance Australia Fair" - Cape Byron Press 1999. Breen.pdfFirst Speech